BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Illustration
University of Hertfordshire Degree Show 2021

Tapping into the rich local history of powered flight, we have drawn parallels between our class of 2021 and the pioneering efforts of those masters of the sky, uniting them under the same shapes that were emblazoned on the side of de Havilland aeroplanes or carved out of wood and metal in their workshops. We invite you to head over to the University of Hertfordshire’s online GDI Degree show, stick your flying goggles on, and examine the exhaustive list of creative endeavours on our official post-flight debrief.Just as they explored thought in their workshops, we do the same in our studios; forever pushing new perspectives and daring to be bold in our ideation. The geometric visual language is lifted from the markings and wing-forms of the de Havilland planes built in the area, reappropriating these aerodynamic shapes for our playful visual language. Alongside this we took inspiration from tail numbers, introducing the hyphenated layout into the name, as well as giving everyone their own unique tail code.

Web Design        – Kanishk Arora & Christopher Burton
Illustration          – Andi Bowskill & Christopher Burton
Branding              – Andi Bowskill & Christopher Burton
Admin                  – Maria Kondrashova
Copywriting        – Christopher Burton

Class of 2021
Emma Thorn — Branding a Family Business